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From "Butler, Stephen" <>
Subject Subversion 1.8 freezes during long updates
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2014 17:45:59 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm trying to help users in our corporate network.  They currently use Subversion 1.7 + neon
(via TortoiseSVN) because of errors in checkout/update using Subversion 1.8.  During a long
checkout or update, TortoiseSVN 1.8 freezes after downloading a few hundred MBs of data. 
The svn command-line client does the same. 

To get more information, I compiled Subversion (within the TortoiseSVN branches/1.8.x tree)
with serf tracing turned up to eleven (SSL_MSG_VERBOSE, etc).   Then the errors no longer
occur!  Apparently the extra output changes the timing somehow.  But performance is of course
very bad.  Less tracing recreates the errors, but without revealing a smoking gun.

I attached the Visual Studio debugger to a frozen cmdline client.  It seemed to be looping
through impl_pollset_poll (in apr/poll/unix/select.c) without receiving anything.

On the Subversion server, the last message in the Apache access log is a successful file download
(matching the last line of client output).  The Apache error log had nothing new.  The network
has lots of firewalls and transparent proxies, as was the case in a problem that Branko recently

Should I try to corner the network admins, or is there a client/server troubleshooting step
I've overlooked?

Thanks for any insights,

Steve Butler
Hamburg S├╝damerikanische Dampfschifffarts-Gesellschaft KG
Registered Office: Hamburg, Germany
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRA 59448

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