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From David Aldrich <David.Aldr...@EMEA.NEC.COM>
Subject Unexpected merge result
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 15:04:10 GMT

I am running a svn 1.8.9 client on Windows against a 1.8.9 server.

Today I created a new branch from my trunk and made some changes to the branch. I want to
merge those changes back to the trunk. The trunk has not been changed since creating the branch.

First I did a merge from trunk to branch, expecting nothing to merge, but one file did change:

C:\>svn status
X       <snip>\dsp_include

Performing status on external item at '<snip>\dsp_include':

C:\>svn merge ^^/trunk
--- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r5824 through r5827 into '.':
U   .
--- Eliding mergeinfo from '<snip>\StarCoMPLTE.h':
U   <snip>\StarCoMPLTE.h

C:\SVNProj\zodiac\branches\TRY_NECA_SBM_16July2014>svn status
M      .
X       <snip>\dsp_include
M      <snip>\StarCoMPLTE.h

The change to StarCoMPLTE.h is to properties only but I don't why the properties have changed
since nothing changed on the trunk.
Is this a bug?  How should I handle this please?

Best regards


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