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From Simon Butler <>
Subject svn commit of locked/unmodified files
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2014 03:27:30 GMT

when i lock multiple files in a directory modify only one and then commit
the directory ,the last changed rev on all files is set to the commit
revision. however, when i query the server the repository last changed rev
is unchanged.

why does the svn workspace get a different answer for "last changed rev"
than the svn server?

here's a quick shell script showing the problem.

thanks in advance for any insight on this.

cd /tmp
mkdir svntest
cd !$
svnadmin create repo
svn mkdir file:///tmp/svntest/repo/foo -m test
svn co file:///tmp/svntest/repo/foo foo
cd foo
touch a b
svn add a b
svn commit -m bar
svn lock a b
echo a > a
svn commit -m barf
svn st -v
svn info b
svn info file:///tmp/svntest/repo/foo/b
cd ..
svn co file:///tmp/svntest/repo/foo too
svn st -v foo too

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