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From James Cloos <>
Subject snvsync issues
Date Wed, 07 May 2014 14:50:59 GMT
I occasionally get syncs which are stuck because something killed the
process before it could release its lock.

The only way I could get past that was to edit revprops/0/0 and remove
the svn:sync-lock lines.

Is there a command which will remove such stale svnsync locks?

Neither svn, svnadmin nor svnsync seem to be able to do so.  Or even to
list such locks.

Several of the remote repos which I'd like to sync fail part way through
with errors like:

   svnsync: E210008: Error while replaying commit

Git-svn is able to clone such repos, including the commits which svnsync
cannot replay, so it doesn't seem to be due to any corruption.

Is there any way past the error, without alternate access to the remote?

James Cloos <>         OpenPGP: 0x997A9F17ED7DAEA6

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