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From Arwin Arni Nandagopal <>
Subject [BUG] svnlook diff infinite loop
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 13:59:21 GMT
svnlook diff hangs on an infinite loop when it encounters certain

This happens ONLY on Windows 64-bit svn 1.8.x or later client.

I was able to trace the flow of code all the way to:


Inside here, there is a call to:

Which doesn't seem to get executed at all.

I have no experience debugging C code on Windows, and hence the speculation.

I have with me the smallest possible subset of data that will reproduce
this issue.
Load the attached dumpfile and run svnlook diff -r3 /path/to/repo with a
1.8.x or later binary on a Windows 64-bit machine, and it WILL hang.

I really hope someone with debugging skills on Windows can help me out here.

Arwin Arni

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