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From "Havlovick, Ron" <>
Subject Post svn hook
Date Thu, 15 May 2014 22:51:48 GMT
I am a newbie and I am more than a bit confused.
Perhaps ya'll could tell me something. (Other than to .....)

I am on Windows using tortoise svn.

Here's what I want to do, and I am trying to figure out exactly how to do it.
Please bear with me:

When I commit a file into the repository, I want the entire repository directory(folder) to
be checked out to a "golden directory(folder)".
        I do not care if it over writes any existing file in that golden directory(folder).
Create an empty text file in the golden directory(folder).
In the empty text file write to it the revision number of the repository directory(folder)
and the date of the last commit (basically the date stamp of the repository directory(folder).

I can write a perl script to basically copy files from one directory to another (golden).
read the data stamp of the directory(folder).  ctime(stat($directory....)->my_time)

What has got me baffled is:
How to get the revision number of the repository directory(folder). (Is this just a regular
folder on the server and I just have the path \\server\directory<file:///\\server\directory>
How to get the date stamp of that repository directory(folder).  (This could be if I have
the path wrong then I am trying to read statistics on nothing.)

Assuming I have the perl script correct, where do I put the perl script in what post_hook
or post_commit?
Do I call the perl script within the post_commit {  function or what...
And where do I put the combined perl script post_hook script? (In the svn directory on my
PC or on the server)

When I run the perl script on a local directory via the command prompt, everything works.
(But I am not pointing to the repository, just a local c:\folder.)

Thank you


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