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From David DL <>
Subject RE: Vendor branches: Current guidance?
Date Fri, 23 May 2014 20:15:04 GMT

>> If you don't use the client side tools, how can you maintain in-house changes
>> against a series of vendor drops?
> By following the procedure: clean drops in /vendor/foo/current, tag
> releases to /vendor/foo/N (1,2,3...). The diff between them can be merged.
> Copy current to trunk once. Your own modifications go there only.
> For a merge the difference between N-1 and N into that, thus maintaining
> in-house changes and bringing them together with releases.

Thank you to both Andreas & Stefan for the help.

I quick question about an example from the svn book at:

$ cd working-copies/calc
$ svn merge ^/vendor/libcomplex/1.0      \
            ^/vendor/libcomplex/current  \
  # resolve all the conflicts between their changes and our changes
$ svn commit -m "merging libcomplex-1.1 into the main branch"

END ===

Why is the merge a diff between "1.0" and "current"?  Why not between "1.0" and "1.1"?  

Does it make any difference?

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