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From Tobias Bading <>
Subject Re: "svn copy --parents" allows insertion of an errant '\' in http://path
Date Wed, 07 May 2014 16:04:26 GMT
Hi Dan,

I just tried this on OS X (using svn 1.8.0) and I'm able to create a directory in the repository
with a backslash in its name and delete it again.
My guess would be that this works on other UNIXes as well. So if you have access to a non-Windows
machine, delete or rename the directory from that machine. (Don't forget that you have to
escape the backslash with a second backslash for the shell.)


On 07.05.2014, at 01:25, Dan Ellis wrote:
> Hi,
> I pulled a silly mistake just now...  I accidentally let my windows backslash enter into
an http URL during an SVN copy operation.
> copy --parents "C:\Project_files\sandbox\bar.c" "http://svr/sandbox/A\B/bar1.c" -m "bad
> It successfully committed.
> svn update now returns the following:
> svn: E155000: 'A\B' is not a valid filename in directory 'C:\Project_files\sandbox\'
>  First, I assume there should be a check to prevent this invalid character for URLs.
 Second, how do I undo my error?
> I'm on SVN 1.8.5 and the backslash should give me away as a windows user (Win7 - 64bit).
> Thanks for the help,
> Dan

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