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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: svn diff --summarize question
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 17:57:56 GMT
On 5/13/14, 10:38 AM, Dan Ellis wrote:
> I am actually running SVN 1.8.5 on a windows 7 box.  I tried removing the
> --new/--old to see if that would cause issues, but no avail:
> c:\Project_files\sandbox>svn diff --ignore-properties
> "c:\project_files\sandbox\AAAA.txt"http://svr/repo/AAAA.txt@3813 --summarize
> D       C:\project_files\sandbox_v2\AAAA.txt
> A       C:\project_files\sandbox_v2\AAAA.txt
> I may try upgrading to 1.8.8 if you think there have been any changes since
> 1.8.5 in this area.

This appears to be a bug.  It happens when you use one wc target and one server
target.  It doesn't appear on trunk, trying to track down where we fixed it and
see how easy it would be to backport to 1.8.x.

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