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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Checksum in --xml for svn info <repo_file>
Date Tue, 13 May 2014 17:16:14 GMT
On 5/12/14, 2:49 PM, Dan Ellis wrote:
> When performing an svn info on a local working copy, I can see the file's
> checksum (sha-1 specifically), but this doesn't work on repositories.  It would
> be really nice and save some bandwidth if I could simply compare checksums
> versus performing a diff.  Is there support in the SVN server API that supports
> this property?  If so, is there any interest from the developers to add this
> xml tag?

The server doesn't actually expose that information to the client, though we
could do so.

However, the XML output probably wouldn't look the same because the existing
output is extra output from the working copy data.  So the output from the
server wouldn't belong in wc-info.

Given that 1.8 solves your --summarize issue, unless there's some other use
case for this I'm not sure it's worth exposing.

You're of course welcome to send in a patch.  You basically just need to expose
it as a live property (to use the terms from DAV), which the client could
request specifically or just get when requesting all such properties as we do
when doing info over DAV.  With svnserve the stat command would need to start
returning it.  To retrieve the data you'd use svn_fs_file_checksum().

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