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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: svnmucc and line endings
Date Sat, 03 May 2014 05:54:02 GMT
On 5/2/14, 3:24 PM, Dan Ellis wrote:
> svnmucc currently only supports linefeed (LF, \n) line endings and complains
> about window's style carriage return, linefeed (CRLFs, \r\n) with:
> Error: svnmucc: E125005: Cannot accept non-LF line endings in 'svn:log' property
> This is inconsistent with the svn command line that allows both but requires
> consistency.  Is there any consideration of supporting both styles?  Not
> supporting \r\n causes some scripting pain to clean up the file to the single
> format.

Done on trunk in r1592148 and r1592150.

For what it's worth it is also inconsistent with svnmucc since when SVN_EDITOR
is called to retrieve the log message it handles line ending normalization.

Thanks for the request.

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