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From Stefan Sperling <>
Subject Re: listing excluded (not ignored) items
Date Mon, 26 May 2014 14:24:23 GMT
On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 02:19:14PM -0700, Joseph Bruni wrote:
> I can use "--set-depth exclude" to remove items from my working copy. Is there some option
to "status" that can show me what has been excluded this way? "status" has a --no-ignore option
to show ignored items. Perhaps we should add a "--no-exclude" to list excluded items?

Hi Joseph,

I agree there should be a way to make 'svn status' show which items
are excluded from the working copy. It doesn't seem to be possible
right now.

Can you please file an issue in our issue tracker about this,
so we don't forget?  Thanks!

Note that 'svn info -R' will show exluded items with 'Depth: exclude'.
It should be possible to write a script (e.g. around the output of
the command 'svn info -R --xml') that shows only excluded nodes.
Perhaps that's an acceptable workaround for the time being.

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