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From Terry Dooher <>
Subject SVNCacheRevProps and other performance tweaks.
Date Wed, 14 May 2014 17:11:21 GMT
Hi all,

I've just finished a dump/load cycle on about 500GB worth of repositories to bring in the
more efficient changes for FSFS in 1.8 (We're on 1.8.8 now). I'm looking at utilising some
performance tweaks to make the most of the hardware the server is running on. Could someone
clarify a couple of the more arcane directives for me, as they're only tersely or not at all
described in the docs, yet:

SVNPathAuthz - Currently 'On'. To my understanding, the value 'short_circuit' will prevent
any other path-based authorisation  being used for requests. I'm running Apache2.4/mod_dav_svn,
with local Basic Auth and local Authz files. No network drives or other auth methods are configured
for the server, which is dedicated to svn. Would short_circuit save me any processing time
in this scenario or is it only useful for people with LDAP or other auth systems that might
slow down request processing?

SVNCacheRevProps - Currently 'Off'.  I'm told that it "should only be enabled under the conditions
described in the documentation", but I can't find any reference to it in the source or the
1.8 book, yet. What are the conditions in which it should be used and what happens if I use
it outside those conditions? Do I risk DB corruption or is it only of benefit in specific

SVNInMemoryCacheSize - Just want to confirm this one: Is the overall server memory footprint
(CacheSize*No. of worker processes) under mod_dav_svn? I'm using the prefork mpm (some minor
PHP admin scripts on the box), and typically have 20-80 running child workers active. Bumping
this up 256kb or 1MB would have a negligible effect, if this is the case.



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