Hello! Since it is hard do find it in the mailing list, i will report it.
(I'm sorry if i am sending it wrong, i am new to that)

Also, i am using TortoiseSVN. I made a folder and "downloaded" the contents of a subersion. Suddenly somewhen at downloading, it said something like "Invalid XML". After that i tried to make a "update". I couldn't because it said i should make a clean up. So I made a clean up. (Checked all checkboxes exept the last one). After that, i tried to "update" again and THIS happend:

Subversion Exception!
(Message about the mailing-list and the CTRL+C tip (wich i already know) cut here)

In file
 line 1550: assertion failed (action == svn_wc_conflict_action_delete)

I am using Windows 7 (Home Edition, 64-Bit)
The TortoiseSVN-Version should be the lastest one (10.04.2014, about 13:00 GMT+1)
If it isn't clear, i am the client, i am trying to get data.

(Notice that D: is a CD-Rom-Thing. But there is no CD in it. Why it it saying above, I dont know. (I am downloading the SVN to the C-Drive. The program is also on C:) . )