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From Benjamin Fritz <>
Subject File externals into another external
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 15:48:56 GMT
I had a problem at work, where somebody created a tag for a library,
and then deleted a bunch of files I needed from that tag. When I
updated my svn:externals definition in my application to pull in the
new library version, those files went away. I tried to fix it in my
application, by creating file externals for those files, pointing to a
previous version, but placed into the same location they would have
been had the person not deleted them.

I know it is not possible to create a file external from a different
repository. But I expected this to work, because it is from the same
repository, and the directory already exists.

Is this limitation intentional, explained by this statement from ?

"While directory externals can place the external directory at any
depth, and any missing intermediate directories will be created, file
externals must be placed into a working copy that is already checked

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