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From Geoff Field <>
Subject RE: SVN Query about granting access
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 05:23:31 GMT
Hi Karthik,

Please ensure you reply to the whole group, as there are many people on the mailing list who
are far more knowledgeable than I.  Also, the convention seems to be to use plain-text and
to reply within/under the quoted text.

	From: karthik kg  
	Sent: Tuesday, 8 April 2014 15:11 PM
	To: Geoff Field
	Subject: Re: SVN Query about granting access
	Hi Geoff, 

	Thanks for the information. But still it didnt work out.

What result/message is the user actually seeing?

>From what I'm seeing, you're trying to give that specific user read-only access, but they're
getting read/write access.

Some of my following queries are based on Windows and might not apply on your platform:

Have they actually logged out and in again?

Have you restarted the httpd daemon after reconfiguring?  (This shouldn't be necessary, but
it could be worth a try.)

Do you grant global read/write access to that repository at all?

	My repository uses httpd and the SVN path in Subversion.conf is "SVNPath /var/opt/app/photon/repository/NTT"

That's a start.  Daniel also asked for: "whether you use -r/--root (svnserve) or SVNParentPath
(httpd) and if so what path it is set to."

Those more knowledgeable about using httpd on a *nix platform (I'm using Windows at present)
will probably be looking for a more complete extract from the Subversion.conf file about now.



	On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 9:03 AM, Geoff Field <> wrote:

		> From: Daniel Shahaf
		> Sent: Monday, 7 April 2014 18:13 PM
		> karthik kg wrote on Mon, Apr 07, 2014 at 17:40:54 +1000:
		> > Repository name - TTN
		> > Location on the server -
		> >
		> > /apps/bss/SubVersion_Repository/TTN
		> >
		> >
		> > I tired editing the
		> /var/opt/app/SubVersion_Repository/NTT/conf/auth
		> > file with below parameter for providing read only access to
		> the TTN repository.
		> >
		> >
		> > [repository:/NTT]
		> >
		> >   d389678 = 'r'
		As well as what Daniel has quite rightly said, it looks like there's a space at the start
of the line.  I seem to remember another message on this list commenting that spaces at the
start of the line might not be a good idea.
		Also, Daniel doesn't say it, but the repository name doesn't look right.  Daniel's edited
version should get your user authenticated correctly.

		> > But even after changing the auth file, i can see i hav
		> write access to
		> > the user d389678.
		> >
		> > My query is, is there any file that needs to be updated? if yes,
		> > kindly provide us the detailed view of the parameter that
		> needs to be
		> > updated on the file.
		> There isn't any other file, but you didn't edit that file correctly.
		> Don't use single quotes (') in the value.  It is not
		> guaranteed to work and may stop working in future versions.
		> I think you mean:
		>     [TTN:/]
		>     d389678 = r
		>    That is: the "/" path within the repository called "TTN".
		> If this doesn't work, please indicate whether you use
		> svnserve or httpd, and whether you use -r/--root (svnserve)
		> or SVNParentPath (httpd) and if so what path it is set to.
		Good luck,

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