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From Daniel Shahaf <>
Subject Re: Import history from a second repository
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 07:42:49 GMT
Ryan Schmidt wrote on Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 19:51:17 -0500:
> I’ve been developing a new feature of a public project in secret, in
> my own private Subversion repository. It’s almost entirely new code in
> a new directory. There’s only one file that’s based on an existing
> file, and it’s been heavily rewritten.

You might be interested in reading on how Mike Pilato prefixed a few
thousand revisions to an existing repository:

You might be able to do something similar by dumping your repository,
tweaking the paths, and using 'svnrdump load'.  (Not sure how that
handles svn:date --- whether it tries to set them, and what to; in your
case you'd want it to let the server set it to the current time, as it
does for ordinary commits.)

Compared to git-svn, each approach has its pros and cons.  For example,
git-svn doesn't support property changes, but svnrdump doesn't give you
a local preview.


> There will come a time when I will want to publish this new code to
> the project’s public Subversion repository. At that time, I could
> export the code from my private repository and import it to the public
> one, but this would lose my history. Is there a way to preserve the
> history — replay the revisions in order somehow? Other developers of
> this public project seem to be doing so, but I believe they are making
> their modifications locally in git clones of the public Subversion
> repository, and then using git-svn to later commit the revisions to
> the public Subversion repository. I have not used git-svn and am not
> comfortable using git which is why I did not attempt this method.
> My private repository is not an svnsync’d copy of the public
> repository; it’s just an empty repository with my code in it. I don’t
> have administrative access to the public repository so I cannot
> “svnadmin load” anything, nor would I want to import the revisions
> verbatim: for example, I would not want the original commit date and
> commit author to be preserved; the commit date should be the date when
> I publish to the public repository, and the author should be my id in
> the public repository, as with any other of my commits.

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