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From "Bert Huijben" <>
Subject RE: Subversion Excepton! (update_editor.c)
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2014 12:29:23 GMT


Can you explain what you did.


We can see that you installed TortoiseSVN, but you did something on a
working copy, which caused this error. If you want us to do something with
your error report you should try to explain what you did.


Most likely you updated a working copy. Or perhaps you were performing a


Was it a github/codeplex Subversion server based working copy?

(In other words: is it a nonstandard subversion server)


Do you know on what kind of file it failed?

(Is it locally modified, missing, absent, obstructed?)

Do you know what kind of incoming change there is (add, edit, delete?)


I can reproduce this problem when you use Github to mimic a Subversion
repository. But that is because it just sends invalid update reports in
certain cases. ( <>





From: CraftNeui . [] 
Sent: donderdag 10 april 2014 13:30
Subject: Subversion Excepton! (update_editor.c)


Hello! Since it is hard do find it in the mailing list, i will report it.

(I'm sorry if i am sending it wrong, i am new to that)


Also, i am using TortoiseSVN. I made a folder and "downloaded" the contents
of a subersion. Suddenly somewhen at downloading, it said something like
"Invalid XML". After that i tried to make a "update". I couldn't because it
said i should make a clean up. So I made a clean up. (Checked all checkboxes
exept the last one). After that, i tried to "update" again and THIS happend:



Subversion Exception!


(Message about the mailing-list and the CTRL+C tip (wich i already know) cut


In file


 line 1550: assertion failed (action == svn_wc_conflict_action_delete)





I am using Windows 7 (Home Edition, 64-Bit)

The TortoiseSVN-Version should be the lastest one (10.04.2014, about 13:00

If it isn't clear, i am the client, i am trying to get data.


(Notice that D: is a CD-Rom-Thing. But there is no CD in it. Why it it
saying above, I dont know. (I am downloading the SVN to the C-Drive. The
program is also on C:) . )

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