Dear SVN users:

My group is using SVN 1.5.7, and our repository includes a trunk and several branches forked from the trunk. We recently tried to reintegrate a synchronized branch to the trunk but used the wrong syntax, and the error was not detected until after the commit. Instead of:

'svn merge óreintegrate URL-TO-BRANCH'

we used:

'svn merge óreintegrate URL-TO-TRUNK URL-TO-BRANCH'

This command was run within a working copy of the trunk.

As far as I can tell, the commit merged in all the changes unique to the branch, and the trunk and branch svn:mergeinfo files do not indicate anything unusual.  However, the óreintegrate syntax we used does not match any example I've found on-line, and I'm aware that after a normal óreintegrate the branch is not considered suitable for further work. My questions:


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