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Subject Sanity check following botched --reintegrate
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 14:31:39 GMT

Dear SVN users:

My group is using SVN 1.5.7, and our repository includes a trunk and several branches forked
from the trunk. We recently tried to reintegrate a synchronized branch to the trunk but used
the wrong syntax, and the error was not detected until after the commit. Instead of:

'svn merge —reintegrate URL-TO-BRANCH'

we used:

'svn merge —reintegrate URL-TO-TRUNK URL-TO-BRANCH'

This command was run within a working copy of the trunk.

As far as I can tell, the commit merged in all the changes unique to the branch, and the trunk
and branch svn:mergeinfo files do not indicate anything unusual.  However, the —reintegrate
syntax we used does not match any example I've found on-line, and I'm aware that after a normal
—reintegrate the branch is not considered suitable for further work. My questions:

  *   Is the trunk still suitable for further work (i.e., new commits and resyncs to the other
branches)? What is the best way to find out?
  *   If the trunk is "corrupt", what is the best way to repair the damage? (Should we copy
earlier revisions of the trunk and branch, delete the trunk and branch, rename the new trunk-fork
and branch-fork, and try to reintegrate again?)



Eric M. Kemp                   Goddard Space Flight Center
Chief Programmer/Analyst       Mailstop 610.3
SSAI                           Greenbelt, MD 20771
                               Telephone:  301-286-9768

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