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From Ben Reser <>
Subject Re: Linux svn clients > 1.7 have issues operating on WC which physically lives on Windows shares
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 22:05:37 GMT
On 12/4/13 12:59 PM, Adam Daughterson wrote:
> Prior to upgrading to WanDisco svn client 1.7.x I was able to operate on
> working copies which physically live on Windows shares.  After the upgrade, I
> get the following error when trying to do a fresh checkout:
> me@here:tmp$ svn co http://myThing/trunk myThing
> *svn: E200030: sqlite[S22]: large file support is disabled*
> I've verified that I can perform this same operation on a Linux samba share
> with the new clients, and nothing has changed on the Windows side of things.
> Anyone have any idea as to WTH this is all about?

Subversion 1.7 moved from having .svn directories in each directory and flat
file entries files to maintain the state of the working copy to using a single
.svn directory at the root of the working copy and a sqlite database.

The error you're getting is because the working copy database file
(myThing/.svn/wc.db in your case) is larger than 2GB.  Your Windows server may
not support files over 2GB.

You might try adding the lfs flag to the mount options when you mount it to
tell Linux to enable large file support on the mount.

I'm not personally familiar enough with the specifics of what needs to be done
on the Windows side to support this or which versions of Windows support it to
help you there.

All that said, if you have that large of a working copy database, I doubt
you're going to have very good performance using the working copy over a
network share.

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