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From Helge Rossvoll <>
Subject RE: File size different downloaded compared to uploaded
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2013 18:42:09 GMT
Yeah I understand.. Just cant wrap my head around why this worked fine on googlecode, and now
suddenly the bash scripts woun't run.
Same client, same settings on client side.
Changing to LF for .sh scripts in the client didn't solve the problem.
Med vennlig hilsen
Helge Rossvoll

From: Mark Phippard []
Sent: 6. oktober 2013 20:29
To: Helge Rossvoll
Cc: Andy Levy;
Subject: Re: File size different downloaded compared to uploaded

On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Helge Rossvoll <<>>
Client have native set for .sh files.
Files are created on windows, published to the debian SVN/apache server and in most cases
checked out to windows machines.
Haven't been able to get anyone using linux to test yet.

It sounds like the files should have svn:eol-style LF set, not native.

Otherwise, checking out these files on Windows will give them CRLF line endings.

Nothing new here, BTW. SVN clients have always worked this way.


Mark Phippard

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