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From Bob Archer <>
Subject Reverting an ADD status file after an update tree conflict deletes the file
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 14:28:35 GMT
Perform the following steps...

1.Edit a file in a working copy

2.Delete that file in the repository (with the repo browser)

3.Update your working copy

4.Edit the tree conflict and specify "keep working copy"

5.The edited file now shows as an add

6.Revert the working copy


The  file with the add status is deleted.


The "add" is removed and the file remains. Basically this is the

behavior you get when you revert a file that you just added. I would

expect reverting an added file to do the same thing whether the file

was marked as add from an update or from just adding it.


I reported this on the TSVN list and got a response of that how svn does it. Doesn't this
go against the do no harm mantra?


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