Ivan Zhakov and I checked the minidump but the only thing we could find using the dump is that the application fails when writing an error message.


So ‘some error’ occurred while producing the log, but we don’t know which and somehow the handling corrupted the error state. We are looking for a way to get more information.



As part of this investigation we started publishing the debug symbols for the SlikSvn binaries on http://sliksvn.com/pub/symbols/.


If you know your way around Visual Studio and/or another debugger you might be able to help us. It might also help to just copy the right .pdb files next to the .exe/.dll files as that improves the debug output in the .log file.





From: Bjarne Grönnevik [mailto:Bjarne.Gronnevik@netent.com]
Sent: vrijdag 6 september 2013 16:54
To: Bert Huijben; users@subversion.apache.org
Subject: RE: SilkSVN client crashing


Hi again Bert,


I updated to 1.8.3 and the error is still present.


Some extended info about this:

-          I can’t reproduce the crash by running the command on the regular windows command-line.

-          It happens quite “reliably” when I run the same command from the python script.

-          The commands seem to be failing when the resulting log is extensive(like been in development since 2008 with regular updates).

-          I seem to be able to avoid the error using the –l flag(in this particular case this is fine as I don’t want anything more than a few of the last entries anyway)


See attachment of the python script, its output and the crash log and dump.

I hope that helps.





From: Bjarne Grönnevik
Sent: den 6 september 2013 16:09
To: 'Bert Huijben';
Subject: RE: SilkSVN client crashing


Hi Bert


Sure, I’ll attempt to provoke it with that version.

Get back to you soon with the results.




From: Bert Huijben [mailto:bert@qqmail.nl]
Sent: den 5 september 2013 10:00
To: Bjarne Grönnevik;
Subject: RE: SilkSVN client crashing


                Hi Bjarne,


Can you run the

svn  log https://svn.netentertainment.com/cm_games_ng/igames/blacklagoon/blacklagoon-common/trunk



With SlikSvn 1.8.3 (which is available on http://sliksvn.com/en/download) and if you can reproduce the result send me the log and dump files?






From: Bjarne Grönnevik [mailto:Bjarne.Gronnevik@netent.com]
Sent: donderdag 5 september 2013 09:38
To: users@subversion.apache.org
Subject: SilkSVN client crashing




I’m scripting svn via a Python Script and as you can see in the run-log.txt, svn seems to fail at random occasions(see crash logs). Or at least for reasons unknown to me.


And as the error message suggest helping out by mailing here, I did.


Svn version is: svn, version 1.8.1-SlikSvn-1.8.1-X64 (SlikSvn/1.8.1) X64, compiled Aug 26 2013, 16:52:34 on x86_64/x86-microsoft-windows6.1.7601


Os is: Windows 7 Enterprice, 64-bit, Service Pack 1





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