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From Cheyenne Wills <>
Subject Multiple Apache webdav servers sharing repositories via NFS
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 02:49:10 GMT
I've done several searches, and have found old and conflicting responses to
the question of sharing a repository via NFS. So what is the current set of
concerns with sharing repositories using NFS among several web servers?

Here is the scenario, several hundred repositories shared via NFS to a
couple of webdav (Apache mod-svn) servers.  The Apache servers set up via a
round-robin DNS server (thus they are all sharing a common virtualhost
name).  All user access is via webdav (authentication and access controlled
by an Apache authentication handler).  The users will see a common hostname
for all repositories.  All the servers are "network close" to each other.

Assuming that the NFS is current (NFS 4) with subtree checking disabled (as
per the FAQ), are there any gotcha's or other concerns.

I currently have a solution using some custom Apache proxying that is
working, but I'm looking at trying to simplify my solution.

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