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From (Trent W. Buck)
Subject Re: Breaking up a monolothic repository
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 02:16:50 GMT
Nico Kadel-Garcia <> writes:

> Lock the existing repo: Do clean exports, and imports, to new repositories
> with the new layout, with a or other guideline to where the
> legacy repository exists. You lose the infinitely preserved history this
> way, but for most working software projects, you don't *need* that. And
> it's a good opportunity to discard materials, such as bulky binaries or
> security sensitive files with plain text passwords.

Ah, sorry, I forgot to mention that preserving history was a hard
requirement handed down from higher up.

I get the impression that $company's projects mostly have a finite
lifespan (a couple of years), so I think that approach ends up being
very similar to my current plan of creating new projects as new repos,
and letting the monolithic repo die out via attrition.

I don't actually know exactly what they put in their repos; I think it's
about half "huge unpacked source tarball I downloaded from somewhere
then tinkered with" and half huge CAD files and .docx contracts.

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