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From Thomas Harold <>
Subject Re: Error after server upgrade to 1.8.3 - E160052: Revprop caching disabled
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 04:34:11 GMT
On 9/5/2013 6:41 PM, Gordon Moore wrote:
> Is this a known issue with 1.8.3? Any ideas on what is going on, how I
> can investigate, or what I might do to correct this?

I'd start with:

- How are you accessing the SVN repository? http? svn+ssh? svn?

- What are the ownership and permissions on the /svn/repos/build folder, 
the build/db folder, and the contents of the build/db folder?

- If you are running with SELinux set to Enforcing, try setting it 
temporarily to Permissive and see if the issue goes away.

- What user account are you using when trying to svnadmin dump / 
svnadmin verify?

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