I have inherited a REALLY old SVN server that was mismanaged for years. They were using WebDAV successfully for so long they never noticed any issues under the hood, but the BDB is corrupt and cannot run an svnadmin dump on it to move it to a new server that I built that has all the latest SVN bits.
The old system is running SVN 1.1.1 with BDB 4.2.52.
At this point after following several different pieces of guidance online the system starts a dump, and ends up after several "Dumped revision #" pukes out hundreds of the following lines:
svn: bdb: DB_ENV->log_flush: LSN of 56874/862249 past current end-of-log of 1/2786
svn: bdb: Database environment corrupt; the wrong log files may have been removed or incompatible database files imported from another environment
Does anyone know where I should go from here? Does anyone know of anyone consulting on these sort of repairs? I did a full export of the whole repro using WebDAV before I started this, so I have HEAD, but I don't want to lose the history if I don't have to.