On 4 Aug 2013 05:44, "Z W" <mpc8250@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All
> We have a branch A
> We svn copy A to feature branch Y
> Time elapsed
> We svn merge A to Y continuously
> Time elapsed
> We svn copy A to branch B (and decided B would be the "trunk")
> Time elapsed
> We have been merging B to Y continuously
> We have been checking in jars to branch Y when making builds on Y.
> Time elapsed
> Time to merge back from Y to Trunk B
> Question 1:
> We like to ignore the build artifacts in Y when merging back B.
> How do we do that ?
> What is the exact command ?

One way to do this is to execute the 'svn merge' and then revert the couple of unwanted changes / files, before committing.

> Question 2:
> Would --reintegrate option help in this case ?

It looks like a reintegration merge, so I guess --reintegrate will do the right thing. But if you use a 1.8  client, it will choose the correct kind of merge automatically.

> Question 3:
> We may not want to delete branch Y after merging to B.
> Can Y continue development and NOT cause merging issues again when we need
> to merge from Y to B the 2nd time and onward.

With a 1.8 client this should work fine.