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From Grabner Markus <>
Subject subversion fails to detect correct merge direction (sync/reintegrate), how to override?
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 10:34:30 GMT

	Hi all!

The new "automatic merge" feature in subversion 1.8 look promising, but in our case prevents
merging the trunk into a branch since subversion incorrectly interprets this operation as
a reintegration merge and complains about missing revisions which should have been merged
first. I can force the merge by explicitly selecting the range of revisions not yet merged,
but this is exactly what merge tracking should do for me. So I have two questions:

*) Is it possible to override subversion's decision on the merge type (i.e., force a sync

*) What could be the source of confusion which leads to the incorrect merge classification?
Maybe some complex and/or broken svn:mergeinfo property?

	Thanks & kind regards,

Dr. Markus Grabner
Research Department / Algorithms

phone +43 (0) 316 403010 761
fax +43 (0) 316 403010 711

Alicona Imaging GmbH - optical 3D measurement and inspection - Dr.-Auner-Straße 21a - 8074
Raaba/Graz - Austria

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