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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: SVN performance -URGENT
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 14:02:32 GMT
> Hello Team,
> We are using subversion 1.7 which is hosted in linux and apache is being used
> along with this.
> The linux is very powerful but we are facing a major issue during the SVN
> operation from the windows system.
> Windows system : Microsoft windows XP
> 2.85 GB of Ram
> tortoisesvn 1.7
> Windows system is based in london and SVN server(linux system) is located in
> New york .When i checked the bandwidth using iperf from the windows system
> ,it is showing as 35.5MB .
> So when i do a checkout of repository ,it get message at last saying .
> 2200MBytes transfered at  143 mins.Which is very annoying.
> According to bandwidth etc etc it should finish the checkout in few mins.
> May i know where is the bottleneck?

My first question would be, given the same machine being on the same LAN as the server, what
is the checkout time?

One of the biggest slowdowns on windows is Virus Software. Are you running any.

Also, have you tested using the svn command line to do the checkout to see if it is any faster?
Most virus software ignores command line apps.


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