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From Johan Corveleyn <>
Subject Re: svn 1.8 causing locks to be broken on update
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 21:30:01 GMT
On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 12:05 PM, Felipe Alvarez
<> wrote:
>> I have the same issue.
>> It happens when I run 1.8.1 windows client with 1.6.9 https
>> repository sever. I haven't tried so many combinations ATM,
>> but here are some observations:
>> 1.8.1 client run with 1.6.9 https:// repo server gives this issue.
>> 1.8.1 client run with 1.6.9 generated file:/// repositories are OK.
>> 1.8.1 client run with 1.7.6 generated file:/// repositories are OK.
>> 1.7.6 client run with 1.6.9 https:// repo server is OK.
>> Whether the WC is freshly checked out by 1.8.1 client, or upgraded
>> from 1.7.6 checked out WC did not change the results.
>> How's the case for the original poster? Do we see something
>> in common?
>> # I'm reading this ML through the archives.
>> --
>> Hiroharu
> Hi Hiroharu
> You are indeed correct. We have done a very similar experiment here, too. We
> tried all of the above scenarios you gave. But our older client was 1.6.15,
> and we did not use https, we used http (apache 2.2)
> With the help of my colleague we have done some testing with svn 1.8.1
> (windows 7 and Ubuntu) client and svn 1.6.15 (redhat 5.5) client.
> Using the file:/// method in all cases works fine (locks NOT broken). All
> other methods also work fine, including http. Of the tests we made, the one
> which breaks the locks is: client 1.8.1; repository made with svn 1.6.15;
> protocol HTTP (apache 2.2).
> One method that we have not yet tried is: client 1.8.1; repo with svn client
> 1.8.1; protocol HTTP
> How do I enabled debugging in .subversion/config or .subversion/servers? It
> used to be something like "neon-debug" but that's no longer available since
> 1.8.1 (or 1.8)

As of 1.8 SVN only uses the serf library for http communication, and
no longer the neon library (before 1.8, both were part of svn, but
neon was the default library).

Unfortunately there is no runtime-switch (yet) to enable debug output
with svn+serf. There is already an open enhancement request for this

You can enable debug logging with serf by rebuilding (see [2]).

With your combined input, this issue really starts to look like a
serf-related issue.
- Succeeds with file://
- Fails with http(s), but only with 1.8 clients, not with older clients.

To double check that it's serf-related, perhaps one of you could try
with 1.7+serf, and see if that fails as well. You can enable serf with
1.7 by specifying http-library=serf in the servers configuration file,
or by passing
    --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
on the command line.

Perhaps it's time to open an issue in the issue tracker for this.

[1] (Provide
serf equivalent of neon-debug-mask)



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