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From "Naumenko, Roman" <>
Subject Re: Subversion compilation
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 14:33:40 GMT
On 2013/08/07 6:19 AM, Philip Martin wrote:
> Daniel Shahaf <> writes:
>>> bash-3.2$ /home/userb/svn/bin/svn co http://svnserver/svn/repositoryA/ /tmp/repoA/
>>> /home/userb/svn/bin/svn: symbol lookup error: /home/userb/svn/lib/
undefined symbol: ne_accept_207
>>> Version was 1.7.9, compiled with the following options (it gnored --without-apache
>>> ./configure  --without-berkeley-db --without-apache --without-apxs --without-swig
 --with-ssl --with-serf=/home/userb/local/serf   --prefix=/home/userb/svn
>>> I've added path to svn lib in LD
>>> bash-3.2$ ldd /home/userb/svn/bin/svn | grep neon
>>> => /home/userb/svn/lib/
>> It appears libneon itself is missing; compare:
>> % ldd /usr/bin/svn | grep neon
>> => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f988087c000)
>> => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f987e7d7000)
> Perhaps neon is static?  I seem to recall that building neon defaults to
> static only unless there is an explict --enable-shared.
>>> serf was 0.7.2 and apr was 1.4.5
>> serf-0.7 is old, but anyway, things should just work if you use
>>    --config-option=servers:global:http-library=serf
>> to your command line.
> That probably won't help since the linker is failing to load the linked
> library at program startup.  It might work if Subversion was configured
> with --enable-runtime-module-search.  It would be better to fix the
> libneon problem.
It was indeed absent neon lib (I thought it's part of svn and would be 
compiled by default).
No issues with neon excluded in ./configure (--without-neon).
Also I used serf 0.7.2 because this version was used in for 
that particular svn version, I guess I can use the latest.


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