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From "Somashekarappa, Anup (CWM-NR)" <>
Subject RE: SVN performance -URGENT
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2013 14:52:09 GMT
Bandwidth is 35.4 MBytes/sec from my system(London)  to server(New york)
when i checked with iperf tool.
We are using LDAP 
AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off
AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthName "Windows Credentials"
As per message after checkout in TortoiseSVN GUI = 368 Mbytes

Actual folder size = 1.15 GB(1236706079 bytes)

Number of files = 201,712

Folder = 21,707


Guess this inculdes the .svn folder as well.







From: [] 
Sent: 01 August 2013 15:20
To: Bob Archer
Cc: Somashekarappa, Anup (CWM-NR);
Subject: RE: SVN performance -URGENT

Bob Archer <> wrote on 08/01/2013 09:02:32 AM:
> > We are using subversion 1.7 which is hosted in linux and apache
isbeing used
> > along with this.
> > The linux is very powerful but we are facing a major issue during
the SVN
> > operation from the windows system.
> > Windows system : Microsoft windows XP
> > 2.85 GB of Ram
> > tortoisesvn 1.7
> > Windows system is based in london and SVN server(linux system) is
located in
> > New york .When i checked the bandwidth using iperf from the windows
> > ,it is showing as 35.5MB . 

35.5MB/s or 35.5Mb/s?  The first one would be a 284Mb/s connection
between London 
and NY... 

What is the latency between the client and server?  Latency can be a big

killer depending upon the authentication used. 

> > So when i do a checkout of repository ,it get message at last saying
> > 2200MBytes transfered at  143 mins.Which is very annoying.
> > According to bandwidth etc etc it should finish the checkout in few
> > May i know where is the bottleneck?

The total amount of data transferred shown by TortoiseSVN can sometimes 
be quite misleading.  How big is the working copy that is created? 

Kevin R.


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