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From Edwin Castro <>
Subject Re: Switching
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:24:52 GMT
On 8/23/13 7:43 AM, John Maher wrote:
> The question is can I bring back my working directory from a failed switch (I'm talking
undo, not resolve) so I can use the force option or must I always use the force option to
be able to switch branches?

I think the mailing list has already said the *best* way to use switch
is to have a clean working copy (clean out all ignored and unversioned
files which is admittedly inconvenient). Some offered the opinion that
the best way to use switch was to not use it at all.

One way to bring back your working directory from a failed switch is to
delete the conflicted directory and then svn update. If your entire
working copy is "failed" then you'd need to delete the working copy and
checkout again.

I suppose you could try switching back to a branch that doesn't contain
the directory in question, clean up, and then switch back.

Use --force with caution. According to the documentation it can
accidentally version previously unversioned files.

Edwin G. Castro

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