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From Thomas Harold <>
Subject Re: How Big A Dump File Can Be Handled? (svn 1.8 upgrade)
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 01:53:26 GMT
On 8/22/2013 7:11 PM, Geoff Field wrote:
>> 6. Create the repository in svn 1.8.
> I'm sure there's an "upgrade" command that would do it all in-place.
>> 7. Strip permissions on the repository back down to 700, owned by
>> root:root while we reload the data.
> While, or before?

Step 6 created the repos in our system with writable permissions, so we
had to make sure nobody could commit to the repo while we loaded back i
the dump file in step 9.

Most restores for us took about 5-10 minutes, a few of our larger repos
took a few hours.

> On your OS, is there a way to read the permissions first?

Mmm, we could have used "stat -c 0%a /path/to/file", but with the script
to set our permissions, and because we structure our repos as
"category-reponame", we can set permissions across entire categories
easily with the script.

Since we use svn+ssh, repository permissions matter a bit more for us.

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