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From "Bert Huijben" <>
Subject RE: svn 1.8 causing locks to be broken on update
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 08:19:07 GMT
                Hi Felipe,


Do you have access to the repository configuration at the server?


Things we are most interested in is how exactly your authentication is setup. E.g. do you
allow anonymous acces, and if yes in what way?

Posting your server configuration (with passwords and private information changed) would really


I don’t think the serf debug log is really giving much more information here, as there are
(as far as I can tell) no requests that fail. The default server side logging (if not disabled)
provides most likely more than enough information to look into this.


Last night (EU time) we spend some time with different scenarios in an attempt to reproduce
your issue, but we were unable to.





From: Felipe Alvarez [] 
Sent: donderdag 15 augustus 2013 04:29
To: Johan Corveleyn; William Smith;
Cc: Hiroharu Tamaru; Users Subversion Apache
Subject: Re: svn 1.8 causing locks to be broken on update




As of 1.8 SVN only uses the serf library for http communication, and
no longer the neon library (before 1.8, both were part of svn, but
neon was the default library).

Unfortunately there is no runtime-switch (yet) to enable debug output
with svn+serf. There is already an open enhancement request for this

You can enable debug logging with serf by rebuilding (see [2]).

With your combined input, this issue really starts to look like a
serf-related issue.
- Succeeds with file:// <file:///\\> 
- Fails with http(s), but only with 1.8 clients, not with older clients.

To double check that it's serf-related, perhaps one of you could try
with 1.7+serf, and see if that fails as well. You can enable serf with
1.7 by specifying http-library=serf in the servers configuration file,
or by passing
    --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
on the command line.

Perhaps it's time to open an issue in the issue tracker for this.


​Subversion client 1.7 using serf cause the lock to break! But it does not break when using
neon (default)


C:\tmp>svn --username will --password will co
--config-option servers:global:http-library=serf wc
A    wc\Trunk
A    wc\Trunk\Lettus
A    wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin
A    wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin\file2.txt
A    wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin\test.txt
A    wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin\file1.txt
Checked out revision 4.

C:\tmp>cd wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin
Directory of C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin
15/08/2013  12:07 PM    <DIR>          .
15/08/2013  12:07 PM    <DIR>          ..
13/08/2013  01:14 PM                 6 file1.txt
13/08/2013  05:01 PM                 5 file2.txt
13/08/2013  05:35 PM                 6 test.txt
               3 File(s)             17 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  89,690,247,168 bytes free

C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin>svn lock test.txt --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
'test.txt' locked by user 'will'.

C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin>svn st --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
     K  test.txt

C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus\lbin>cd ..
C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus>svn up --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
Updating '.':
At revision 4.

C:\tmp\wc\Trunk\Lettus>cd ..
C:\tmp\wc\Trunk>svn up --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
Updating '.':
At revision 4.

C:\tmp\wc\Trunk>cd ..
C:\tmp\wc>svn up --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf
Updating '.':
UB  Trunk\Lettus\lbin\test.txt

Updated to revision 4.

C:\tmp\wc>svn st --config-option servers:global:http-library=serf






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