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From Tobias Bading <>
Subject Re: Possible bug: svn update doesn't respect the 'depth' property
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 08:09:52 GMT
On 08.07.2013 01:06, Miro Kropáček wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not subscribed to the list. I'd like to ask about one issue I'm 
> having. Let's say I've got a tree like this:
> server/svn/trunk/software
> server/svn/trunk/software/user
> server/svn/trunk/software/wicked_filenames
> server/svn/trunk/documentation
> server/svn/trunk/huuuge_subtree_i_really_dont_want_to_checkout
> :
> :
> and I'd like to checkout only 'server/svn/trunk/software/user'. Of 
> course, I could do
> svn checkout server/svn/trunk/software/user
> or even:
> mkdir -p ~/projects/svn/trunk/software/user
> svn checkout server/svn/trunk/software/user 
> ~/projects/svn/trunk/software/user
> but in either way, svn root will be placed in the 'user' directory 
> what is not what I want because in the future I might be interested to 
> checkout the huge subtree or the wicked_filenames might become 
> windows-friendly filenames in the future.
> I'm not sure if a scenario like this is even supported but this is 
> what I tried:
> svn co --depth empty server/svn/trunk
> cd trunk
> svn up --depth empty software
> cd software
> svn up user
> ... and it seems to work, hooray. Now, in 'software' and 'trunk', svn 
> info gives me: "Depth: empty", in 'user' it gives me nothing about the 
> depth, I assume that means 'normal'.

Yep, no depth means infinity.

> And finally, my question :) If I go to 'trunk' or 'software' and do 
> 'svn update' ... why the complete tree is updated (fetched from the 
> server, including the omitted subtrees) ? What's the meaning of 
> "Depth: empty" then?

You're right, a simple 'svn update' in 'trunk' or 'software' should not 
pull in any directories of files outside of 'user'. That should only 
happen if you run e.g. 'svn update --set-depth infinity'. What 
Subversion version are you using and on what platform?

> Regards,
> Miro Kropacek

Kind Regards,

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