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From Branko Čibej <>
Subject Re: git-svn "Temp file with moniker 'svn_delta' already in use" and skelta mode
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2013 21:10:03 GMT
On 05.07.2013 21:07, David Rothenberger wrote:
> On 7/5/2013 10:49 AM, Branko Čibej wrote:
>> On 05.07.2013 19:15, David Rothenberger wrote:
>>> I recently upgraded my Subversion server to 1.8.0 and started
>>> receiving the following error from "git svn fetch":
>> Talk to the authors of git-svn. This is a Subversion users' mailing list.
> Thanks, but I'm aware to which list I posted.
> I thought that Subversion guaranteed backwards compatibility with the
> API provided?

We do.

> This error occurs with the 1.8 Perl bindings and goes away when I go
> back to the 1.7 Perl bindings. That implies to me that it is a problem
> with the Perl bindings or the Subversion libraries and not with git-svn.
> Or are you suggesting that git-svn has always been using the APIs in an
> unsupported way?

I wouldn't know how git-svn uses the APIs. And that is the whole point:
the git-svn authors are likely better equipped to demonstrate a bug in
the Subversion APIs, and describe a way to reproduce it that does not
involve using git-svn. The message "Temp file with moniker 'svn_delta'
already in use" is not emitted by the Subversion libraries and gives no
clue as to where to begin looking for a problem.

That said, a number of bugs in 1.8.0 have been reported on this list,
mostly related to the Serf back-end in one way or another. It's possible
that what you report is a known problem, or a new one; but it's hard to
say from your report.

Can you reproduce the error using just the Subversion command-line
client, in the same enviroment? If you can, and then post the exact
commands used and the output produced, that would give us a much better
chance to diagnose the problem.

-- Brane

Branko Čibej | Director of Subversion
WANdisco // Non-Stop Data

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