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From Bob Archer <>
Subject RE: Question about subversion
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 15:14:26 GMT
> Hi there. I have a question about subversion.

I think the previous response was quite correct, it mostly all depends.

> I have a theory on what files should not be on SVN and I would like you to tell
> me if you agree. If you dont agree can you tell me why please. If you see more
> files that should not be there, tell me and why.
> Files who should not be on SVN :
> . files automatically generated

Well, Visual Studio generates "designer" files when you edit a web form... we do check those
in. We also use compass and I check in the compiled .css file. Of course, I would like to
no longer do that and have the build server generate it. 

> . files containing specific information about my development environment (so
> properties files for example) 

For the most part, yes. We check in the files with a .template in the name and have an init.bat
file that copies them out... this way for any initial checkout you at least get reasonable
defaults. Our template files also contain the QA connection strings so even a dev without
the dbs set up will be able to locally run the ap. (as was said before, it depends).

. executable files
> PS: I am conscious that we can put anything to subversion but I am looking for
> Best practices Thank you so much

Once again, it depends. Many people feel it is a best practice to be able to do a check-out
and then build the file without having to do any specific tool installs on your PC. Stuff
like NuGet (gems npm whatever) help a lot, since your build can leverage those tools to get
the binaries you need to build test. But, sometimes those tools need to be there. For example,
we have nant (build tool) and mbunit (test tool) checked in so that the build server doesn't
need to have each of those tools installed, and so also we can rev those tools by project
rather than having to upgrade all the projects at once.

Also, we have some legacy VB6 code in our project and we use binary compatibility, so we need
to DLLs checked in. As much as I don't like it. I am also considering moving these to a new
repo and linking with external so that we don't get all the repo bloat... I can just blow
away the "binary" repo every year or so.

But, yes, for the most part, that artifacts that your project builds aren't checked in.. but
sometimes dependencies and tools are checked in as binaries. 

So.... the correct answer, as with almost anything in development is, it depends.


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