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From "ALTEN SIR - CAMUS, Guillaume" <>
Subject Reintegrate unexpected issue
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:25:48 GMT
Hi everybody,

I try to reintegrate a branch into my trunk but when I execute the following command :
svn merge --reintegrate svn://bt1svzyi/rnv/branches/13.5

I have this error :
This application has halted due to an unexpected error.
A crash report and minidump file were saved to disk, you can find them here:
Please send the log file to to help us analyse
and solve this problem.

NOTE: The crash report and minidump files can contain some sensitive information
(filenames, partial file content, usernames and passwords etc.)

If somebody help me thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Guillaume C.


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