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From Johan Holmberg <>
Subject Problem, svn upgrade & externals & svn status (1.6 --> 1.7)
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 11:11:39 GMT

I have just started using the Subversion client 1.7.5 (I used 1.6.17
previously). To be able to use my old working copies I had to do a
"svnupgrade". But after the upgrade, the
svn:externals are no longer fully recognized. The "svn status" command no
longer "recurses into sub-projects" the way it used to. The difference can
be seen by:

$ svn status proj1
X       proj1/proj2-subdir
$ svn status proj1-new
X       proj1-new/proj2-subdir

Performing status on external item at 'proj1-new/proj2-subdir':

"proj1" is the old working copy with "svn upgrade" applied. "proj1-new" is
a fresh checkout of the project with the new client version. I have looked
around in the ".svn" directory of the projects and found a difference that
perhaps explains the difference i behaviour:

$ sqlite3 proj1/.svn/wc.db 'select * from EXTERNALS order by
$ sqlite3 proj1-new/.svn/wc.db 'select * from EXTERNALS order by

Note that the upgraded working copy has the externals entry marked

Is what I describe here a known problem of the "svn upgrade" command?

I also wonder if there is some way to get my existing working copies fully
functional again without doing a  new checkout.

/Johan Holmberg

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