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From Michael Schlottke <>
Subject Re: vimdiff wrapper for diff-cmd not working with 1.8
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 15:37:41 GMT
On Jun 19, 2013, at 12:08 , Philip Martin wrote:

> Philip Martin <> writes:
>> Ben Reser <> writes:
>>> I don't imagine it'd take very long at all to implement but the
>>> problem of course is that we really should think carefully how we go
>>> about doing this.  If we can detect this at runtime we probably
>>> should.
>> I don't see how Subversion can determine that one script needs a
>> terminal while another can use a file, only the user knows that.
>> It's also hard to fix 1.8, how do we pass the information into the
>> client library without changing the API?  Perhaps we could recognise a
>> special part of the command name or a special external parameter, so
>>   --diff-cmd svn:interactive:myscript
>> or
>>   --diff-cmd myscript -x svn:interactive
>> gets a terminal while
>>   --diff-cmd myscript
>> gets a file. 
> Or we could extend the opaque svn_stream_t to make the underlying
> apr_file_t available.  Is mixing output to the file and output to
> the stream acceptable or does it introduce output order problems?

I tried & installed both your patches and both work just fine, thank you very much.
Without giving it much thought, I now went for your second patch (it seemed to be the more
sophisticated one).

I think something like the "-x svn:interactive" option would be the best solution, since that
way the diff-cmd really
just remains a command.

Thank you very much for your quick help! I'll definitely keep tabs on the development of this,
I hope that one way 
or another it will make it into the svn code base.

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