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From Branko ─îibej <>
Subject Re: Advice for changing filename case in SVN on case insensitive system
Date Sat, 22 Jun 2013 08:59:57 GMT
On 21.06.2013 23:48, Thomas Harold wrote:
> On 6/20/2013 6:56 PM, Geoff Hoffman wrote:
>> deleting the file from Subversion, then adding the copy with the correct
>> case.
>> Question: Doesn't that blow away revision history? If I didn't care
>> about revision history I would just start over with a fresh repo.
> If you use "svn mv" to do the change, it does not blow away the
> revision history for the file.  You can, however, choose to have log
> output stop on copy.
> (In TortoiseSVN's log viewer, there is a checkbox at the bottom called
> "Stop on copy/rename" that you can turn off.)
>> I also thought about doing full URL svn mv's but seemed like that could
>> take a very long time to do...
> It probably will be slow, depending on which access method you use,
> and each "mv" would result in a new transaction in the repository.

Not necessarily. There's an alternative command-line tool called svnmucc
which can perform several remote renames in one transaction.

Also there's no reason for remote renames to be any slower than local
renames + svn commit.

-- Brane

Branko ─îibej | Director of Subversion
WANdisco // Non-Stop Data

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