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From Thomas Harold <>
Subject svn 1.8 migration - directory deltification and revprop packing
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 13:05:38 GMT
Questions about the 1.8 upgrade path:

#1 - In reading the release notes for 1.8, I'm interested in the 
directory/property storage reduction as described in:

> Directory and property storage reduction
> For each changed node in a FSFS repository, new versions of all parent directories will
be created. Larger repositories tend to have relatively deep directory structures with at
least one level (branches, modules or projects) having tens of entries. The total size of
that data may well exceed the size of the actual change. Subversion 1.8 now supports directory
deltification which eliminates most of that overhead.
> In db/fsfs.conf, you may now enable and disable directory deltification at any time and
these settings will be applied in new revisions. For completeness, node properties may now
be deltified as well although the reductions in repository size will usually be minimal.
> By default, directory and property deltification are disabled. You must edit db/fsfs.conf
to enable these features.
> Also, db/fsfs.conf now allows for fine-grained control over how deltification will be
applied. See the comments in that file for a detailed description of the individual options.

a) Why are directory/property deltifications turned off by default? 
What are the risks to enabling them across all repositories?  (Yes we 
backup daily with svnadmin hotcopy, then rdiff-backup the hotcopy with 6 
months of backup history kept.  So we can always rewind to any day 
within the last 6 months.)

b) Is there a global setting file that can be used to enable 
directory/property deltifications? Or will we have to update the 
fsfs.conf file for each newly created repository in order to get this 

c) Is it a safe assumption that in order to apply this change to an 
older repository that we will need a dump/load cycle?  Will we need a 
full dump or will an delta style dump suffice (--deltas option of 
svnadmin dump command)?

#2 - revision property (revprops) files packing

a) Will there be a "svnadmin pack" command like there was for SVN 1.6? 
Or will we need to do a full dump/load of the repository to pack the 

b) Does revprop caching only need to be enabled for http/https access 
and does it have any effect on svn+ssh access?  (All of our users 
currently use svn+ssh access, but we are considering moving to http/https.)

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