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From olli hauer <>
Subject Re: large db/revs files
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 17:45:26 GMT
On 2013-06-04 16:30, Andre Harper wrote:
> Hi, all –
> I am not subscribed and would appreciate being explicitly Cc:ed in any
> responses.
> I am on a team that began using subversion near the end of last year.
> As a part of our process, we tag each successful run of our systems.
> This can mean thousands of tags for certain systems every six months.
> We’re having an issue with the db/revs directory size, which for all
> our projects currently exceeds 289G.  We only use relatively small
> working directories containing less than a meg of text files; no
> binary files.
> In the archives, I found a mention that the db/revs directories are
> populated using xdelta, but there didn’t appear to be a solution to
> large file sizes at time
> [
> ].  I was hoping someone may have found a work-around or solution.
> Would someone be able to:
> 1)	suggest how to avoid this in the future
> 2)	suggest how to reduce the current large files (if possible)
> Thank you.
> André Harper

Wow, how many revisions are this and what is the average size of the source (1MB)?

Even with a several thousands tags and plain text files there is a change to keep the repository

For example your files could be plain text files with
 - max 10 chars per line (good for xdelta)
 - containing only single line (bad for xdelta)
 - EOL style / white spacing changed during commit (bad for xdelta)
 - ....

With the worst case examples in mind you can inspect your sources and maybe find some improvements.

Have you looked direct on the server side to the repo ($repo/db/), where is all the space
 - rep-cache.db
 - revs
 - transactions (I've seen repos with several GB inside)
 - revprops

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