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From Syncro SVN Client Support <>
Subject SVN 1.7 - can delete external files
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2013 14:12:10 GMT

I found that you can delete external files with SVN 1.7, which should 
not be allowed. Below are some test I've done with SVN 1.6 and SVN 1.7 
over external files and directories.

*I.**external file*
*1.**SVN 1.6* - neither "svn delete external.txt" or "svn delete 
--keep-local external.txt" work (which is fine, according with the SVN 
svn: E155030: Cannot remove the file external at 'external.txt'; please 
propedit or propdel the svn:externals description that created itII. 
external dir

*2**. SVN 1.7.8* - "svn delete external.txt" throws same error (OK). 
But, "svn delete --keep-local" works, file is removed and the EXTERNAL 
status is lost.
 > svn delete --keep-local external.txt
D         external.txt

 > svn status external.txt
D       external.txt

 > svn status .   (on parent directory)
D       external.txt

 > svn commit -m "test" external.txt
Deleting       external.txt
Committed revision 3128.

**II**.**external dir*
SVN 1.6.17 allows deleting external directories, but SVN 1.7 denies 
deletion of external directories (an error like "cannot delete the root 
of a working copy").

In the end, I assume "svn delete" should not work for an external item, 
ignoring the SVN version, the item type (file or dir) and any option for 
delete (like --force or --keep-local), no?


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