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From BRM <>
Subject SVN wc/repo issue...
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 19:36:47 GMT
I have a repository with many projects in it, and have been working on the layout of one project
in particular - adding directories and moving source into it.
I am now trying to move a directory in that projects part of the tree to another part of the
tree, simply:

$ svn mv ../../include .

However, 'svn mv' keeps returning:

    Unable to lock '.'

I've tried it from several working copies - including one fresh checkout, all with the same
We don't typically use locks in the repository, and I'm the only person working on this part
of the tree - and no locks in it.

'svn status' does not return any files as having been locked, and 'svn cleanup' doesn't seem
to resolve the issue either.

Is there any way to tell what might be locked on the server side?

Any other ideas of what to check?
I didn't see any issues in the Apache2 logs, at least anything obvious.

We're using Apache2/2.2.22 + Subversion 1.6.17 as the server (Ubuntu Releases); and I'm using
1.6.19 on the client (compiled under Kubuntu 8.04).


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