Did a full fresh checkout of a myproject this morning...

$ svn checkout http://server/svn/myproject myworkingdir
svn: warning: W200000: Error handling externals definition for 'myproject/trunk/deploy/modules/foo':
svn: warning: W170000: URL 'http://server/svn/library/trunk/foo/trunk' at revision 310 doesn't exist
Checked out revision 45.

My externals definition has, in part:

http://server/svn/library/trunk/foo/trunk deploy/modules/foo

The foo module did not get checked out. Let's get some info on it:

svn info http://server/svn/library/trunk/foo/trunk
svn: warning: W170000: URL 'http://server/svn/library/trunk/foo/trunk' non-existent in revision 310

svn: E200009: Could not display info for all targets because some targets don't exist

Even stranger. Hmm, well, in fact, these modules were moved! One of my colleagues did some house cleaning on our SVN server to remove the trunk/foo/trunk issue that messes up composer. The fix was to reset the externals to the proper path location where the module actually exists (note, one less trunk folder, repo path to foo module moved one level up)...

svn propset svn:externals http://server/svn/library/foo/trunk deploy/modules/foo
svn update
svn commit -m "Relocated module foo"

Hope it helps someone in the future.

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