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From Ryan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Apache Subversion 1.7.7 - svn log issues
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 18:48:11 GMT

On Jan 31, 2013, at 22:40, Ramachandran Raghavendran wrote:

> I performed the very first commit into a repository and I’m running the svn log command
at the file level (svn log -v --xml --stop-on-copy @URL  PATH, where PATH  represents a file).
> However this syntax  lists all the changes to the URL.
> Have anybody encountered this behaviour . is this a  bug?

When you say "@URL", you mean you typed the URL of the repository, right? You didn't actually
type "@URL", or an "@" and then a URL?

If you want the log of a specific directory or file in the repository, then just list the
complete URL of the directory or file inside the repository.

For example, the URL of the Subversion repository used by all Apache Software Foundation projects

To see the log of, say, the configure script of the Apache HTTP Server project, you would

svn log

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